Service matters
Modernising reviews and tips for service staff
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Service matters
Revolutionising the way to rate, review and share recommendations with friends
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What’s all the fuss about?
Feedback is one of the greatest gifts to help people improve! We know that:

  • Service matters more than ever before
  • There is a lack of data to understand what customers want and value
  • Tips are being lost as we carry less cash
  • Online reviews are not a true reflection of what all customers think

More customer feedback and the ability to earn more will attract AND retain more staff & customers!
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  • Super fast way to leave a review
  • E-tip when you don't have cash
  • Control where your tip goes
  • No more standard service charge
  • Contactless
Service Staff

  • Gather specific feedback real-time
  • Receive tips directly and earn more
  • Understand customers better
  • Detailed service history
  • Individual rating

  • More reviews
  • Service alerts
  • Measure customer service
  • Recruit based on service history
  • Relinquish tronc responsibilities
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How it works

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Customers:


Step 1 - Scan the QR code of individual

Step 2 - Leave star rating and feedback

Step 3 - Choose what to tip 

Recommendations can be shared and it's that simple!

Staff will get the feedback and tip directly. Business owners obtain consolidated information on staff performance and customer reviews.

It is free to join the platform! To set up your business and staff, e-mail [email protected]