About Us
About Us
The UK’s first service platform to review, tip and recommend service real-time
Why we are here?
At Served.me we are all about great service, recognition and transparency. We are modernising customer reviews and tipping because service matters more than ever before. Online reviews are polarised and miss lots of vital information about what customers think and expect because of the time and effort required to leave a review. As we've trended towards a cashless society, staff are missing out significantly on tips. In addition, businesses are struggling to attract and retain staff. Critically, customers also care where their tips go. Our digital real-time solution helps solve these problems.

Our mission
We exist for the love of amazing service. We believe feedback is critical to inspiring change. Our mission is to be the global platform for feedback, recognitions and e-tips to better connect venues, staff and customers on service matters.

Our purpose
To give businesses the insight to build stronger operations, improve customer service and increase loyalty. To empower people providing a service to receive more recognition, feedback and tips in an ever increasing digital world in order to have greater job satisfation and earn more. To give customers a simpler way to review, have more freedom in tipping and confidence where a tip goes.

Our values
Transparency. Be transparent throughout, sharing is caring and fosters trust

Daring to be different. Inspire change and disrupt the status quo. Innovate, test and learn with an open mind. Wherever there is a probelm, there is an opportunity
Integrity. Speak up for what is right and be truthful. Expect and deliver quality
Positivity. A single drop of positivity can create a significant ripple effect. Create a powerful impact through energy, enthusiam and being constructive
Recognition. There is value in what each stakeholder contributes; observe and show appreciation. Whether financial or non-financial - saying thank you matters

Key benefits of the platform
  • Reviews are easier and quicker
  • More reviews and more customer feedback
  • Staff get feedback directly and all in one place
  • Customers have the choice where their tips go
  • A solution for a cashless society, say hello to e-tipping!
Key benefits of the platform
Served.me Steps
It serves me the customer, me the staff member and me the business owner. Win, win, win!
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.
  • Step 1: scan the QR code of the staff
  • Step 2: add a star rating and/or feedback
  • Step 3: add a tip

Post COVID-19, we know customer preferences are changing and we want to help. We believe customer feedback is critical to help businesses and staff know what each of us want and expect. 

Service matters!